Sunday, May 03, 2009

Give a name to the cuddly new GOP mascot

Kossack Jake McIntyre over at Daily Kos needs your help naming the cuddly new logo for the Republican Party (above). The beast is half traditional GOP elephant and half dinosaur -- and the dinosaur half seems to be winning within Republican ranks. Go to and add to the name fray.

He started things off with Grover the Goposaur, named after famous wingnut strategist Grover Norquist (with a tip of the hat to Grover on Sesame Street). Other good ones so far include these: Grumposaurus Rex, GOPosaurus Wrecks, Tyrannicalsaurus Rex, Loonasaurus, Dixiesaurus, Schizophrenodon and Megalomaniadon.

Dino design by Kossack malacandra

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Anonymous said...

Now that we have essentially a one-party system, maybe it's time for the State to close shop. :)