Friday, April 17, 2009

Gov Dave thought that April 15 tax protests "would be bigger"

Wyoming Governor Dave Freudenthal held a press conference yesterday and addressed issues relating to state government budget cuts, trans-basin water diversion and Tax Day protests in across the state and the nation. He said this about the protests, including one that happened outside his office window:

“I actually thought that they would be bigger. This is not a state that has affection for the federal government on any day, and the affection on tax day is even less.”


The Boise Picayune said...

Despite the Right Wing having brought all their guns to bear...

* The Boise Tea Party - 2,500 mostly looky-loos

* Obama Rally - 14,000 who stood in line for hours

In a State so conservative they'd elect Dracula so long as he was running on the Republican Ticket (or Rush Limbaugh anointed him)!

Michael Shay said...

That last line could apply to Wyoming as well as Idaho. The local paper said that 300 showed up for the Cheyenne Tea Party (I estimated 200). I traveled over the pass to Laramie last March for a speech by candidate Obama. Some 12,000-14,000 people crowded into the basketball arena to hear our next president. That weekend, we had record turnouts for our Dem caucuses across WYO, with overflow crowds at the Cheyenne Civic Center.