Wednesday, April 15, 2009

This trio of teabaggers were holding signs along 24th Ave., which runs by the Wyoming Capitol Building. I believe they were trying to goad passers-by into honking, but weren't having much luck. The signs read: "What would George Washington do?" and "Memo to Barry (a.k.a Pres. Barack Obama): 1. America is Judeo-Christian; 2. We don't bow to anybody!; 3. Give better gifts." The third sign read: "Save our auto companies -- get rid of the unions."

What would George Washington do? Probably go to the dentist, as dental care was sorely lacking in The Father of Our Country's time. I was a bit puzzled by the "give better gifts" part of the memo to Barry. Did I miss something on Fixed News? I do know about the bowing reference. As for saving the auto companies by getting rid of unions? Ha, ha, ha. Funny teabagger.

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