Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wandering through the crowd, I heard one grey-haired guy quip to another: "This is like spring break for old people." The average age of Tea Party attendees was about 60. There were some young people, but they were few and far between. Lots of men wearing "Vietnam War Veteran" and "Korean War Veteran" caps. Cheyenne is heavy on ex-military.

The gentleman on the right tried to put his "Bring troops home now" sign on the Nellie Tayloe Ross statue in front of the Capitol. And he succeeded -- for a few minutes. A dour gentleman came by and whispered something to the old guy and he reclaimed his sign. Maybe he said something like "Why do you hate the troops?" or maybe "get that sign out of here or I'll see that your taxpayer-funded V.A. benefits go away."

That's what I was thinking, looking at all the veterans and their anti-government signs. Who do you think paid your salary for 20 years? Who do you think pays for your health care? Just asking...

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