Thursday, April 23, 2009

Another reason we call him "Dick"

Former Veep Dick "The Dick" Cheney will be strutting his muscle-bound physique around Jackson, Wyoming, this summer. If his true physique is as muscle-bound as his mouth. we're all in trouble.

Photo borrowed from Jon Stewart's "The Daily Show."


jhwygirl said...

We should have a "Dick Cheney Sucks" day, maybe sometime in the first week of August? Stand on the square and let the 80,000 tourists driving through know that even though he lives there, he ain't welcome?

Michael Shay said...

Let's start planning now. But perhaps Cheney will be on trial by August?

jhwygirl said...

We can only be so lucky.

I suggest, perhaps, sometime August? August was always one of my favorite months (perhaps because I knew Labor day was short in coming).

Will the rat-bastard even be there?