Tuesday, February 03, 2009

You too can be an ozone monitor

Ozone alert:

Pinedale residents could wake up with unhealthy levels of ozone in the air this morning and should take appropriate precautions, state officials say.

Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality officials predicted weather and other conditions will be ideal for high ozone levels in the Upper Green River Basin.

The DEQ ozone advisory -- the first ozone alert of the winter season -- was announced Tuesday on the agency's Web site.

Ozone study alert:

University of Wyoming researchers are seeking volunteers in Sublette County to assist with an air quality monitoring study.

The six-month project will record ozone levels around Pinedale and at various sites in the Upper Green River Basin. It should provide researchers with much-needed data about the distribution of ozone in the basin.

A mobile air quality monitoring lab has been moved to Pinedale to measure ozone levels with state-of-the-art equipment, according to researchers.

Officials said passive ozone monitors are also being placed throughout the basin to map ozone distribution, and human exposure to ozone will be recorded by the volunteers as part of the project. Volunteers in the study will wear a clip-on, passive ozone sampler, which will record how much ozone he or she comes into contact with during an eight-hour time period.

Both of these stories by Jeff Gearino were in today's Casper Star-Tribune.

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