Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Obama's speech shows us the way

Alternative energy... health care... education...

The Big Three.

So glad that Pres. Obama revisited the three priorities that he hammered home during his race for the presidency.

Get busy on alternative energy to get rid of our dependence on the oil sheiks. Build windmills and upgrade the energy grid and build solar cells and design better hybrid cars. And clean coal? Nobody knows what that is but we can pour money and energy into ways that will make Wyoming's huge coal reserves cleaner and more useful in the alt-energy future.

Health care is crucial. Single-payer health care, the kind that Republicans (including our Wyoming delegation) hates. But the only kind that can solve our tangled health care system.

Tax breaks for college students. More college loans. A renewed commitment to post-secondary education. Everyone commit to at least a year of college? Why not? If I had my way, I'd always be taking a course.

Shovel-ready projects? We have plenty of those that require actual shovels -- highway construction, rebuilding cities, renovating homes. Then there are some that use metaphoric shovels. Projects in the arts and education and science.

I hear white noise in the background. Wait -- it's Bobby Jindal from Louisiana, another Republican naysayer. White noise, the droning of a political party with no ideas.


mpage225 said...

Apparently even the Republicans are embarrassed by Jindal's rebuttal. It was so bad that it left the main water-czrrier, Mr. Limbaugh, warning other Republicans not to make fun of Jindal.

Michael Shay said...

Remember, Rush Limbaugh is the Republican Party and vice versa.