Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sen. McCaskill reads riot act to "idiots"

Watch Claire McCaskill (D-MO) take apart the idiot financiers who got us into this mess:

This one is for my college chum Bob in Missouri.


mpage225 said...

Thanks Mike. I am proud to have voted for Claire since 1982-state legislator, county prosecutor, state auditor and now senator. In fact, being originally from Chicago, I often voted for her several times.

Give 'em hell, Claire!

Michael Shay said...

Vote early and often, eh Bob?

nancy S. said...

Instead of limiting CEO's salary to the same as the US President's pay, how about setting it at 10 times that of the lowest paid employee?

Either the CEO takes a cut or the custodian gets a living wage.

Michael Shay said...

That used to be the rule when Ben and Jerry used to run Ben & Jerry's in Vermont. It's fair, and puts CEO greed to the test.

jhwygirl said...

Claire's been a favorite of mine since she got there. I had hoped, frankly, that she'd have been picked as VP, which might be a bit early. Hell - maybe SHE'S our first female president.

She pals with Jon Tester, too.