Sunday, January 11, 2009

Just another January Sunday in The Hole

Nature has a way of taking your breath away. Sometimes, webcams can come close to what a professional photog can do with the Tetons. This from Jackson Hole webcams, Spring Creek Ranch site, just a few minutes ago. Get updates at

Hummingbirdminds professes some envy for the Jackson Hole scenery, yet is happy that he doesn't have to pay those housing prices -- or endure Dick Cheney as a neighbor.

Hummingbirdminds can't help but remember something a poet from the Big Horns once told him: "Too bad you live in the ugly part of the state."


jhwygirl said...

Honestly? I have had a handful of times over the last 5+ years that I cry, I miss it so.

Michael Shay said...

You carry the JH with you.