Sunday, January 04, 2009

Fine art, brought to you by Mother Nature

Thanks to the always alert and creative jhwygirl at 4&20 blackbirds, I bring you some examples of the weavings of Earth:According to the UUSS web site: The records displayed here are a selection recorded by the University of Utah Seismograph Stations in Yellowstone National Park. Some of these stations are part of the Advanced National Seismic System. The displays are updated every ten minutes to provide a (nearly) current record. Each panel represents 24 hours of data. Local time is displayed on the left side of the record.

While these webicorder displays are colorful, they do illustrate some fairly serious earthquake activity in Yellowstone. Some say it is the precursor of a gigantic eruption of the Yellowstone caldera. Others say it is fairly normal seismic activity for the region. I look at it and think that science is intriguing and beautiful.

Artists' credits (top to bottom): Mary Lake, Yellowstone N.P., Dec. 29; Soda Butte, Yellowstone N.P., Dec. 27; The Promontory, Yellowstone N.P., Dec. 28.


jhwygirl said...

The Mary Lake webicorder, before anyone goes packing their bags, would be the result of high winds or traffic (although the latter isn't possible.) Those instruments are very sensitive.

But all very interesting, nonetheless.

Michael Shay said...

The real question is: would you buy a wall hanging (or rug) that looks like the Mary Lake image?