Saturday, December 27, 2008

What's new, Senator Bob?

On Friday, Chris and I received "Bob's Legislative Letter" from our state senator, Republican Bob Fecht. It's an informative one-page newsletter, packed full of updates on Sen. Bob's committee work during the 2008 interim. Thanks for thinking of us, senator, even though we are Democrats. I spent election night Nov. 4 seated next to Bob in a point-counterpoint about the polling results. He's a well-informed guy who wears a large firearm at his side.

One problem with Bob's Legislative letter. It has nothing in it about Bob quitting his Senate seat so he can devote his full attention to his day job as Cheyenne police chief. Seems a bit odd that this most recent of newsletters from our state senator does not carry this crucial information, which was publicly announced on Dec. 19. I could have used a little bit more info about the senator's decision to abandon his seat after the fall election (could have snuck another Dem into the Wyoming Senate) and some details about what happens next.

Guess I'll have to read about that in the local paper.

For background on the former senator, go to

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