Monday, December 08, 2008

Still regrooving blog following election rush

It's been tough deciding where to go next as a blogger. I've enjoyed the past three years blogging about politics, particularly the Wyoming variety. It gave my "hummingbird mind" a clear focus. I had some big fat targets on the national scene. Dick Cheney was a rich one (ain't that the truth) and it was an added bonus that he comes from Wyoming. Bush was always on-message, or maybe off-message -- I could never really tell. The Invasion and war in Iraq really pushed my buttons, and led me to my involvement with county and state politics and, eventually, the national scene.

Many bloggers have commented on the ennui that followed Nov. 4. But some bloggers are, at heart, political junkies. NPR's Political Junkie, to name just one. Arianna Huffington and her crew at Huff Post and the many Kossacks at Daily Kos. On the Rocky Mountain side, you have the energetic Montanans at 4&20blackbirds and Left in the West. Square State in Colorado and Red State Rebels in Idaho. The Celtic Diva in Alaska has gone to the Soapblox format and now has the assistance of some dedicated bloggers who followed the dirt on Sarah Palin, no matter where it led. There are more blogs of note, so many more.

I'm not giving up the blog, just shifting focus to issues that are my passion. That's the advice imparted by Ariana H. last week on The Daily Show. "Write your passion." All writers have heard this before. Many ignore it at their peril. Some ignore it and get rich (I'm not one of them, drat the luck).

My passion is not really politics. It was a rush being part of the gallant effort that led to the Obama victory and majorities in the U.S. House and Senate. I certainly will dabble in politics when I feel the urge, but will spend most of my blogging time on books and fiction writing, the arts, mental health issues and, yes, Wyoming and its quirkier aspects. On occasion, I will blend books, fiction, the arts, mental health (or lack thereof) and Wyoming. This could be a dangerous mix, but I'm up to the challenge.

I'm almost finished with my post-election regrooving and soon will return.

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