Saturday, November 22, 2008

Big Al sees Barack Obama as "a healer"

C.J. Baker of the Powell Tribune conducted a fine interview with Wyoming's former U.S. Senator Al "Big Al" Simpson. As always, Simpson was outspoken. He campaigned by the McCain-Palin ticket, which won by a handy margin in the state. Still, the lifelong Wyoming Republican is ready to give President-elect Obama a chance:

Some Republicans have heralded the election of Barack Obama as a surefire disaster, but Simpson isn't scared -- even if he would rather have seen McCain and Palin elected.

"Somebody will say, 'I heard Simpson isn't afraid of Obama. He must be an old fart sitting there who doesn't even know what he's doing anymore.' But I'll tell you, I still do," he said. "And what I see is this: I think (Obama's) a healer. And I think he's going to do what he said he's going to do, which is help heal the nation, and get rid of this stench of partisanship, which is unworkable."

Read the entire article on the Casper Star-Tribune web site.

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