Monday, November 17, 2008

Poll: Wyomingites want renewable energy

A UW Survey and Analysis Center poll shows that Wyoming residents favor a variety of solutions to meet U.S. energy needs, with near-unanimous support for renewable energy.

Wind power had the support of 97 percent of respondents and solar power, 96 percent. Almost 87 percent favored pumping more oil from existing wells, drilling more offshore wells (74 percent) and opening the Alaskan National Wildlife Refuge for oil production (56 percent).

Nuclear energy? 60 percent in favor.

Respondents were split on whether the U.S. should release oil from its strategic oil reserve, with 49 percent in favor and 44 percent in opposition.

And 83 percent of respondents believed that Teapot Dome is Dick Cheney's White House nickname. Just joshing. That wasn't really part of the survey -- but it could have been.

Here's a quote from a UW press release:

"Senators (Mike) Enzi (R-Gillette) and (John) Barrasso (R-Casper) and Rep.-elect (Cynthia) Lummis (R-Cheyenne) have stated that addressing the nation's energy needs will be among their priorities when Congress convenes in January," says Jim King, a professor of political science at UW and the poll's director. "Our survey results indicate that Wyoming residents are open to many solutions to the current energy situation."

Yes, and Wyoming residents voted for John McCain by a margin of 2-1. Shows how much they know. And the Enzi-Barrasso-Lummis triumvirate will have very little sway over what happens in Congress during the next two years.

But it is gratifying to see that those polled were overwhelmingly in favor of renewable energy sources. Wind power, especially, is catching on big in Wyoming, with wind farms sprouting faster than poppies in Afghanistan. What's being fought over are the venues by which that power will reach the citizenry. Transmission lines, anyone? We'll need entire forests of those.

Notice anything missing from the poll?

C-O-A-L. Especially the "clean" variety.

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