Friday, November 07, 2008

Gary Trauner, where are you?

Wish that Gary Trauner would come out of hiding and say something. He lost, sure, but he waged a fierce and above-board campaign. That's more than I can say about his opponent, Republican Cynthia Lummis. But I will try not to be a sore loser.

The Democrats won the White House and a bigger majority in the U.S. House and Senate. Three Senate seats are still to be decided. Al Franken is in a recount battle with Norm Coleman in Minnesota. Georgia will stage a runoff between chickenhawk Republican Saxby Chambliss and Democratic hopeful Jim Martin. And I'm not sure what's happening in Alaska with Ted "The Convicted Felon" Stevens. Democrat Jeff Merkley, a former Habitat for Humanity leader, was announced as the winner in Oregon.

So Gary, come on out and groove in the good feelings of the many Wyomingites who volunteered and voted for you.

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