Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Voter suppression tales in MT, IN, etc.

The usually very alert jhwygirl in Missoula emerged from her cold medicine haze to notice that she's on the list of 6,000 voters being challenged by the Repubs in Montana. All she had to do was dash over to this site: http://www.montanavotersuppression.org/home2

She also noted this:

Lt. Governor John Bohlinger wrote an op-ed for the Montana Standard this past Sunday, listing a few of the disgraceful challenges the Montana Republican Party put forth for this upcoming election: Kevin Furey, former legislator who left the legislature to serve in Iraq; Cindie Kalan-Green, serving in Iraq; Mathew Robison, deployed to Fort Drum; Chelsi Moy, the Missoulian journalist who broke the story; Babe Aspholm, an elderly man from Anaconda who merely moved across town to live in a senior living center; Tom Detonacour, a Deer Lodge County policeman; Frank St. Pierre, 86, Medal of Honor recipient for his service in WWII; Mrs. St. Pierre

And the list goes on and on.

Alan Boswell sent this update this afternoon:

Here’s a brief roundup of the various voting rights news of the past few days. Also note the legal mess in Indiana holding up early voting sites and the 6000 voters whose right to vote is being challenged in Montana.

Election Protection’s 866-OUR-VOTE hotline is THE place to report any foul play (and get basic answers to any question a voter may have). You can also follow more frequent voting rights and voter suppression updates at

FMI: Alan Boswell at 866ourvote.org

Wasn't it a Republican who said this: "The price of freedom is eternal vigilance." Nope, that was Thomas Jefferson.


jhwygirl said...

Michael - thank you again! I was posting something up using the links you provided in your update on the previous post, and saw this...

This is an important story. And for me, now it is personal.

Michael Shay said...

That'll teach you to get a cold.

jhwygirl said...

I need to lay off the nyquil. That stuff is worse than whiskey.

By now you may have heard, the Montana GOP has dropped the challenges - due to heavy public outcry and pressure from media from across the nation.

Thanks for your diligence on this. It was important to get that story out.

Michael Shay said...

Just what did the Montana GOP get out of this? It sounds as if it was a calculated move to scare people. Could the Repubs just be dumb?

Anonymous said...

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