Thursday, October 02, 2008

Voter suppression tactics being used by Montana Republicans

Fellow blogger jhwygirl at 4&20 blackbirds in Montana brings us some disturbing news. Republican political apparatchiks are getting on the voter suppression bandwagon by challenging new registrants in heavily Democratic Counties, such as Missoula, Butte-Silverbow, and Glacier. These counties include a lot of college students and Native Americans. You can get more details by going to

Montana is recognized as one of the election's Rocky Mountain swing states, along with Colorado and New Mexico. So it's no coincidence that Republicans want to suppress voter turnout, especially among new registrants, which have been heavily Democratic throughout the region.

Wyoming has also registered a lot of new Democratic voters, yet we're not considered a swing state (not by a long shot). But keep your eyes and ears open for similar dirty tricks in some of the larger counties, such as Laramie, Natrona, Fremont and Albany. Report any Republican election shenanigans to the Wyoming Democrats at 1-800-729-3367 or

UPDATE 10/3: Voters confronting efforts that interfere with your right to vote should report those experiences to Election Protection at

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jhwygirl said...

Thanks, Mike, for ensuring some light on the Montana GOP's reprehensible activities.

These guys are unapologetic - and well-versed in multiple ways to suppress Democratic voters.

Dirty politics.