Thursday, October 30, 2008

Voted early -- by just a few days

I was 39th in line at the Laramie County office building downtown during my lunch break. Thirty-eight other fine citizens casting their votes in advance. I knew two of them -- a local teacher and a friend of a friend. Both in their thirties. The teacher was set to vote for Barack Obama and Gary Trauner. At least I think she was since she voted in the Democratic caucuses in March and I've talked to her about the election since. The guy in the black cowboy hat was voting Republican. How do I know this? The guys in the black hats are always Repubs, right?

This polling place has been averaging 700 voters per day all week. An election volunteer told me that yesterday's count was 778. That's darn good in this county with 37,500-some registered voters. I was hoping that there were other Obama voters in line with me. Not entirely hopeful, but hope springs eternal in the heart of WyoDems.

My wait was just 30 minutes. A lot shorter time than some people waited in Florida and Colorado today. Tomorrow's another vote. Get out there and do your duty for democracy.

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