Thursday, October 09, 2008

Trauner blasts Lummis on Social Security

Gary Trauner, Wyoming's candidate for the U.S. House, will hold a press conference on Friday, October 10, in the State Capitol rotunda in downtown Cheyenne at 9 a.m. After his speech, Trauner will stay around for questions. So come on out and hear Gary speak about some of the ways he can be a Congressional rep who actually does something for the people of Wyoming. You also can call into the press conference by dialing 712-451-6100 and using the pass code 721718#. The last time I put this call-in number on the blog, Cynthia Lummis's press secretary called in, pretending to be a "supporter" and asking Gary a loaded yet dumb question.

Speaking of dumb, Cynthia Lummis wants to privatize social security, throwing us all to the Wall Street wolves. Anyone notice how many points the Dow dropped today? The stock market has lost something like 17 percent of its value this week. How much did your 401(K) lose this week?

Here's statement on social security from the Trauner campaign:

Gary Trauner, candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives, believes that social security is a vital safety net for Wyomingites. If elected, unlike his opponent Cynthia Lummis, he will not advocate to privatize social security. She advocates for investing this critical safety net in the stock market, a particularly dangerous proposition given the current state of the American economy. The stock market has lost 33 percent of its value this year alone.

"It is critically important that social security always be an available safety net to Wyomingites when they retire. It became even more clear this week as the Dow plummeted, that privatizing social security would be extremely dangerous," Trauner said. "It amazes me that my opponent, Cynthia Lummis, would advocate to invest our tax money in risky stocks, we could do that ourselves. That money should instead be there for the people that have spent their entire life paying into social security."


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