Sunday, October 26, 2008

Obama paddles toward victory

Manuel Olveda in Powell decided to take some yard sale items and made a sign for Barack Obama. Pretty creative, I'd say. This photo was on the Powell Tribune blog. On a separate post, the PowellTribBlogger wondered why there are so many more Obama signs that ones for McCain in a county that has five times more registered Republicans than Democrats. A trend?


Scott in Cody said...

Alot of reasons:

1) McCain was not a favorite with Wyoming Republicans until they came to see Obama as bad news for the country. The addition of Palin sealed the deal and caused people to want signs and bumperstickers, provided they had Palin's name.

2) The state GOP did get some signs to the County before the August Primary (and before Palin), but not very many, and many of the ones that got put out were stolen.

3) Campaign Finance Reform laws restrict what local parties can do for federal campaigns. No longer can the County party buy with its funds campaign signs, bumper stickers, and other campaign items for Federal Candidates like President. Private citizens have to pay out-of-pocket for the stuff now.

4) Because stuff is being paid for by private citizens, donations are requested when getting the materials at the local HQ, not for the party, but for the individual(s) who made the initial purchase. Some are happy to donate, others are more willing to donate after they know the reasoning behind the request, and others would rather not donate at all.

5) After people donated money for one or two of the limited number of signs purchased in Park County, others came along and stole them. Obama signs nearby the homes that displayed McCain/Palin signs are largely undisturbed. One friend of mine has gone through FOUR signs he paid for. His neighbor, a police officer, is on his second sign. Who in their right mind, even their wrong twisted mind, steals from a POLICE officer, something that would be done knowingly in this town since police officers have their cars at their homes.

6) Unfortunately, the demand for McCain/Palin gear (particularly signs) is so high, it takes a while for the delivery to reach here (esp. large orders), unless you want to pay $70 extra for "express delivery" which usually takes a day or two extra to reach a remote place like Wyoming (that BTW, is not the campaign's fault).

So yes, there is a trend here in Park County, but not a good one. Obama supporters want to silence McCain/Palin supporters. They may take our yard signs, but the one thing they can't take is our vote.

Michael Shay said...

Scott, why would anyone steal a yard sign when Wyoming has such a well-armed populace? I hope these alleged thefts are being reported to the proper authorities. Has the police officer whose sign was stolen reported the theft to the police?

Obama supporters trying to silence McCain/Palin supporters? In Wyoming? That's a laugh. Registered Repubs outnumber Dems two to one. We have the most lopsided Repub-controlled state legislature in the U.S. The only non-Repub Wyoming elected official we have is our Democratic governor. Our entire U.S. Congressional delegation is Republican.

I cry crocodile tears for the multitudes of poor put-upon Wyoming Republicans.

Go Obama!

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