Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Collegians (and at least one 66-year-old bald guy) pack Biden rally in Greeley

My buddy Bob from Fort Collins drove over to the rally for Sen. Joe Biden today at the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley. Bob's semi-retired, a lifelong Republican, but he's voting for Obama/Biden this time. On Monday, Bob drove down I-25 to catch the Sarah Palin rally at the Budweiser Events Center near Loveland. He said that the crowd at the Palin rally was bigger than Biden's, but Palin said the same old blah-blah-blah we've been hearing for months. As Bob said, Obama and Biden are in a much different league than McCain/Palin. Yeah, the Dems are in the Bigs and the Repubs are cellar-dwellers in the minors.

Bob wasn't interviewed by the press at the UNC rally. But here's the beginning of the story that's up now at the Greeley Tribune site:

Saying he speaks to their generation, environmental concerns and modern-day issues, college students gave Democratic vice presidential nominee Sen. Joe Biden raves at the University of Northern Colorado on Tuesday. A crowd of about 3,500 packed the floor of Butler-Hancock gymnasium for the hour-long rally, most of them college students.

“It’s a historic year. It’s one of those historic elections you want to be a part of,” said Mike Donovan, a Colorado State University student who drove to Greeley for the rally.

Donovan, a senior, wore a white cap emblazoned with “Clean Coal.”

“I feel like this year’s Democratic ticket is the step into the 21st century,” he said. “… Environmentalism isn’t a dirty word anymore, and that’s something I like.”

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