Friday, October 10, 2008

Calling all stalwart Democrats

Dear All:

Feel like trudging through the snow this weekend for Wyoming Democratic U.S. Senate candidates Nick Carter and Chris Rothfuss? C'mon, it won't be that bad. Come down to Dem HQ in downtown Cheyenne on Saturday morning between 10 and noon and pick up a packet of Carfuss/Rothter material (we might even though in a few Gary Trauner flyers). We're going to cover Cheyenne like a blanket, a nice warm blanket that you can get into when you get home. And don't forget the hot chocolate.

If you don't feel like walking neighborhoods on University of Wyoming's Homecoming (Pokes 49, Utes 0!), pick up your flyers tomorrow at the Laramie County Democrats office on 17th Street between Capitol and Central in Cheyenne, and go out on Sunday, even Monday, Columbus Day. The goal is to get material to every household in Cheyenne and Burns and Pine Bluffs. They deserve to know that there are Democrats out there who want to change the status quo in Wyoming and the nation.

See you this weekend.


UPDATE: The actual score of the game Saturday was Utah 40, Wyoming 7. See, you neighborhood walkers didn't miss anything.

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