Friday, September 12, 2008

Speakers for WyoDem Dinner in Casper

Here's the list of guest speakers for Saturday's Jefferson-Jackson Dinner in Casper:

Governor Dave Freudenthal: Our two-term democratic governor set and met priorities to continue promoting a culture of bipartisan and state-wide cooperation – and to make permanent smart investments toward a stable future for Wyoming. He continues to focus on Energy and Transmission, Education, Health and Wellness, Infrastructure (Roads, Water and Sewer Lines), Quality and Excellence, Water and Drought, Wildlife and Open Spaces as well as Workforce Training. Last month, a Mason-Dixon poll published in the Denver Post found that Governor Freudenthal enjoys an 81% approval rating in our great state.

Gary Trauner: Gary Trauner, 49, is a husband, father, businessman, entrepreneur, community volunteer, and former elected official residing in Wilson, Wyoming. Eighteen years ago, he and his wife Terry chose Wyoming as the place they wanted to live and raise a family; they are now the proud parents of two Wyoming born-and-raised young boys - ages 14 and 8. Gary runs an old-fashioned, retail campaign for Wyoming's lone seat in the US House of Representatives and continues to take the high ground by focusing on the issues that really matter to the citizens of Wyoming. Gary's campaign centered on his wish to restore leadership, integrity, a commitment to service and a willingness to do the right thing, regardless of party or political consequences, for all the people of Wyoming. Gary has seen firsthand the issues that matter to most working people – how to pay for health care, how to achieve a quality education, how to juggle work and family, how to provide a decent living wage, and freedom from unreasonable government and corporate intrusion. We are proud and honored to have him as our Candidate for the US House again this year.

Nick Carter: One look at Nick's website and you understand that that he is a hard driving pragmatic goal oriented solution finder who is also just a 'regular guy." He is a Wyoming Democrat, which means that he is an independent thinker and as such will be an effective advocate for all Wyoming Citizens. He believes that our government is broken and that you are either part of the problem or part of the solution. He contends that our current representation in Washington has proven to be part of the problem and he lays out solutions which he believes will fix Washington and help Wyoming. He is 'Wyoming Tough" and we are excited with his candidacy and are working hard to send him to Washington D.C. so he can show those folks a thing or two.

Chris Rothfuss: Chris is a man with the rare combination of brilliant intellect, levelheaded common sense, global vision and local practicality and we are privileged to have him as our US Senate Candidate. We are working hard to send him to Washington D.C. to finally build a comprehensive Energy Policy for the United States. A recent WyoFile story: "The Perfect Candidate You Never Heard Of" said it best: "Polite and professional, Rothfuss actually has a lot more experience and a few more years under his belt than appearances suggest. Whether you've heard it or not, Rothfuss is the Wyoming Democratic Party's nominee for the seat currently occupied by two-term Republican Senator Mike Enzi….The unfortunate thing is that this guy really deserves a look, but if history and the realities of modern campaign finances are any indication, he probably won't get it." "…Rothfuss said his service in the Senate would take advantage of his own set of unique skills: energy and diplomacy. 'My specialty is in the energy field,' said Rothfuss. 'That's a background and strength I would like to take to Washington. I think it would serve us all well to have some expertise in Congress.' The U.S., he said, has to come to terms with what dependence on foreign sources of energy is doing to the country's security and long-term financial health. 'We have to develop domestic sources of energy,' he said. 'That includes an emphasis on efficiency, alternatives – including nuclear – and an enhancement of the power grid and storage capacity. It also means that we have to develop ways to use domestic oil and coal reserves in a way that doesn't ignore our duty as stewards of the environment.' Toward that end, Rothfuss wants to develop a 50-year national energy policy to replace the 'haphazard' approach the country has used, with a goal of eliminating dependence on foreign oil within 10 years. 'With planning, we can do that," he said. "The economic and security implications are staggering…and disastrous if we simply continue to ignore the problem.'" Well said, Chris!

Chairman John Millin John served as the state party's treasurer and secretary and has worked extensively at the grassroots level in Wyoming chairing the largest county party organization in the state. He was elected as the Chairman of the Wyoming Democratic Party in April 2007, promising to increase the capacity of the Wyoming Democratic Party by recruiting grassroots candidates, mobilize Democrats across the state, and match the Democratic National Committee's strategy of competing in all 50 states by competing for each of Wyoming's 23 counties. He accepted the challenge with limitless enthusiasm and has honored those commitments. We look forward to vigorous political races in every county addressing and winning on the issues that matter most to the citizens of Wyoming

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