Thursday, September 11, 2008

Poll: Nick Carter closing in on Barrasso

This good news comes from the Nick Carter for Senate campaign:

The Public Policy Group, an independent polling company out of North Carolina, conducted a poll of over 1,600 Wyomingites over the course of two days asking likely voters about where they stood on the issues and who they would be voting for in November.

I am encouraged by the results: John Barrasso: 42%; Nick Carter: 39%; Undecided: 19%

This tells me two things:
1. Nick Carter is just three points away from kicking out John Barrasso and bringing real solutions to the people of Wyoming;
2. With 19% of Wyoming voters undecided, we all have work to do to convince as many of those 19% to vote for Nick.

This means knocking on doors, talking to your neighbors, and making phone calls for the campaign on our easy and convenient virtual phonebanking system. The poll also confirmed what Nick Carter have discovered through knocking on doors, visiting senior centers, and spending time with veterans at VFW halls: the people of Wyoming are sick of the culture of corruption in Washington and they see Senator John Barrasso as an emblem of that corruption. Wyoming voters are a very intelligent and independent group of people who do not want those who represent them to vote straight party line.

Unlike my opponent, I will work with Republicans, Democrats, and Independents to solve tough issues like energy, the economy, and immigration. We have a real shot at this, but we need your help to close the three point gap.

John Barrasso has raised over $2 Million from lobbyists and Washington D.C. special interests and is ready to use it. I need your help to show those 19% of undecided voters that we need serious change in Wyoming.


artemisia said...

Thank you for posting this - and including a link to the Carter campaign.

And thanks for all of your posts - you are doing great work!

jbrzoska said...

I think this poll is a hoax. PPP has not polled the race -- here's a list of everything they've polled lately:

Research 2000 has Barrasso up 24 points as of less than a month ago --

Sorry to burst your bubble; I'm rooting for Nick, too.


Anonymous said...

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