Friday, September 05, 2008

Nick Carter challenges Barrasso on energy

This comes from the Nick Carter for U.S. Senate campaign:

United States Senate Democratic Nominee Nick Carter pointed out John Barrasso's contradictions and politics as usual approach to our country's energy crisis today. "With the price of gas hovering at four dollars per gallon and working families worried about the next price spike, John Barrasso offers contradictory views on drilling and no long term solution for our dependence on foreign oil."

"Out of one side of his mouth, Barrasso says he supports drilling in ANWR and offshore while out of the other side of his mouth he doesn't think Wyoming oil producers can safely produce oil and gas in the Wyoming Range," Carter said. "This type of political double talk by Senator Barrasso is exactly the kind of pointless pandering that our country can no longer afford."

Carter laughed out loud when he found out that Barrasso said that the "real" energy supplies were not to be found in Wyoming. "I've been watching working folks come home from the rigs in Wyoming since I was 6 years old and it sure looked like they were drilling for something 'real' to me."

"The sad thing is that without a comprehensive energy policy that is dedicated to freeing us from oil dependence, it is only a matter of time before Senator Barrasso is clamoring to drill in the Wyoming Range because gas is six or seven dollars per gallon. Remember, John McCain and George Bush Sr. were opposed to offshore drilling until recently. The only way to preserve our environment and our economy is to make tough decisions on a nationwide energy policy. Anything else is just political doublespeak."

"Remember, Senator Barrasso voted against Wind Energy in Wyoming while taking a half a million dollars from big oil. He neither wants energy independence nor protection of the environment. Now he also wants any drilling jobs to go out of state. You can't trust him with the environment. You can't trust him with your job. You can believe I'll work toward a solution to our energy problem -- not just political talk."

Carter will be sweeping through the state over the next week, speaking with energy companies, veteran's groups, and senior centers. Unlike Barrasso, Carter claims, he is making a genuine connection with the people of Wyoming so he can truly represent their interests in Washington.

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