Monday, August 25, 2008

Ted Kennedy rouses DNC crowd

His voice wavered a few times, but I think it was more from emotion that from the rigors of cancer treatments.

Ted Kennedy was introduced by Caroline Kennedy, followed by a film of the Senator sailing with his kids and grandkids.

Wish they hadn't closed out the speech with that old Top 40 nugget, "Still the One," which was bad when it first appeared, and hasn't improved with age.

Michelle Obama coming up after we boogie to "Celebrate," by Kool and the Gang, sung by the in-house band.


Karen Cotton wyo writer/artist/musician said...

I guess you were right. Death Cab for Cutie is blogging in Denver at the convention, too ...
This is from their MySpace page:

Chris Walla Blogging for from the Democratic National Convention

Chris Walla will be posting daily blogs on while in Denver for the Democratic National Convention.

Karen C.

Michael Shay said...

Chris Walla and one of his bandmates are performing tomorrow at a free concert. Not sure if I can get there.