Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Rally for Energy photos from Cheyenne

Man, that's one big check Wyoming taxpayers just wrote to BIG OIL. Kate (at left) helpfully displays the check for Cheyenne motorists while Katy urges them to stop the GOP from giving away our money.

Just so happens that the rally was held in front of the Cheyenne re-election HQ for Republican Senators Enzi and Barrasso (note the red-and-white elephant logo on the Enzi sign). This shows yours truly and (again) Katy.

For more info on Rally for Energy, go to www.moveon.org.


mpage225 said...

Mike, why do you hate America? Don't you understand that the key to our free enterprise system is the government subsidy and support of big business? Wyomings favorite son Big Dick Cheney understands this well.

In a related story, Newsweek also hates America and is running a story on the growing dangers of the "fracking" of oil and gas. Never heard of it before now, but would guess that living in the West you are familiar with this issue.



Michael Shay said...

Bob, Can't wait to join the other liberal nogoodniks in Denver. And thanks for the tip on the Newsweek story. Haven't seen any coverage of "fracking" in the state's major papers.