Monday, August 25, 2008

Next time, bring tumbleweeds for DNC decor

Note to self: Next convention, bring some Russian Thistle, sagebrush and Indian Paintbrush plants to decorate the delegation sign and official blogger post. Got the idea from the Hawaiian delegation sitting right in front of us. They brought three-foot-tall cuttings of Heliconia and Torch Ginger which they wrapped around their placard. It's pretty, but the greenery and orangery and reddery is now blocking my view of Howard Dean and Nancy Pelosi at the podium.
We wouldn't have that problem with the very spare limbs of thistle. At the first sign of the breeze (or a good burst of AC air), the Russian Thistle would go tumbling along and become tumbleweeds.

Driftin' along with the tumblin' tumbleweeds.


mpage225 said...

Mike, glad you are already thinking ahead to the next convention. Keep the reports coming.


Michael Shay said...

Play your cards right, and you could be at the next one. Or maybe your daughter?

mpage225 said...

Tyler is a Democrat and a law student so I would put my money on her.