Thursday, August 21, 2008

Lummis takes page from Cubin's playbook

From the Wyoming Democratic Party:

Not missing a beat, Cynthia Lummis yesterday picked up where she left off, with negative attacks that leave no doubt about the clear choice Wyomingites will have this fall. After regularly and repeatedly attacking Mark Gordon in the primary, Lummis lobbed a personal attack against Gary Trauner on the very first day of her general election campaign. [“Lummis Takes Early Jab at Trauner,” Associated Press, 8/20/08]

“It’s clear that Cynthia Lummis intends on continuing Barbara Cubin’s legacy of negative politics and no solutions. Trying to pit American against American, Wyomingite against Wyomingite, is exactly the type of divisive politics that career politicians practice and that takes America on the wrong track,” said Bill Luckett, executive director of the Wyoming Democratic Party.

Lummis defeated rancher Mark Gordon through a negative campaign in which she strongly criticized his contributions rather than his policies.

“Cynthia Lummis didn’t appear to disagree with Mark Gordon’s policies, just his desire to put people before partisan politics. A majority of Republican primary voters didn’t vote for her because the people of Wyoming are growing weary of personal attacks and prefer positive solutions,” Luckett said. “Cynthia Lummis’ campaign tactics appeal to voters’ worst instincts. We are proud to field a candidate in Gary Trauner who is focusing on issues that matter to Wyoming families and who is running a campaign that will make Wyoming’s people proud to call him their congressman.”

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