Monday, August 18, 2008

Get to the polls on Wyoming Primary Day

Tomorrow is primary day in Wyoming. We're lucky in this state to be able to register at the polls and even change our party registration. So, if Democrats feel like voting for a Republican, they can switch their allegiance, vote, and then switch back. I do know several Dems who say they are doing just that so they can vote for the Republican in their state House seat.

Some people switch just to make mischief. At least one Dem I know says he will switch his registration so he can vote for Mark Gordon in the U.S. House race. He thinks that Democrat Gary Trauner (running opposed in primary) would have a better chance against Gordon. a Johnson County rancher, than against Cynthia Lummis, whose Repub roots go way back. She's been making hay in TV ads that Gordon is not a real Republican because he's given dough to the Sierra Club, John Kerry's 2004 campaign, and the DNC. He contends that that he's intent on conservation of Wyoming lands which is why he gave money to the Sierra Club 10 years ago. Apparently, conservation is O.K. but environmentalism is not. Conservation sounds like "Conservative." Same root word.

I'm not a proponent of election day mischief-making. If I registered as Repub tomorrow, I wouldn't get to vote in the races for Wyoming's two U.S. Senate seats. One pits Al "Big Al" Hamburg against engineer Chris Rothfuss. This is the seat held by Republican Mike Enzi, a likeable guy, a moderate at heart although he votes with the Bushies 90-plus percent of the time. The other U.S. Senate seat is being contended by Gillette's Nick Carter and Casperite Keith Goodenough. The winner of that primary battle will go up against Sen. John Barrasso of Casper, a physician who can't come up with a sensible health plan for all Americans.

Today's Wyoming Tribune-Eagle carried a sample ballot. If you have questions or need more info about polling places, go to

See you at the polls.

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