Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Day Two of the DNC wrap-up

Wrap-up on day two of the DNC:

Made it a goal to miss most of the early proceedings this evening. My ass was deadened by six straight hours of sitting last night. Fortunately, I had other blogging errands this afternoon, and then had to stand in a very long line (see previous post).

Gov. Schweitzer of Montana is one spell-binder of a speaker. He knows his energy issues. I'm still not convinced of his coal-to-gas plan, and the whole sequestration thing. We're dealing with the same issues in Wyoming. Big issues. I'm counting on wiser heads to make sense of this stuff for me.

Sen. Clinton has never been a slouch in the speech department. Not on par with husband Bill, but she also gives shorter speeches. "Unity" was the theme and it should be. The Clinton delegates in our group seemed satisfied with her call for togetherness. Tomorrow comes the voting.

And now I have to get out of here before they sweep me up with all the discarded signs.

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