Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Dems (most of us anyway) wait in long lines

Some Democrats are more equal that others.

Me and thousands of my most personal friends in the Democratic Party were standing in line to get into the Pepsi Center. It was cordial, with more schmoozing that pushing and shoving. And a lot of texting on cell phones. Dems love to text.

But the minutes turned into a half hour and then an hour. Rumblings could he heard.

And then some people began to butt into line. You know how it was in second grade. "Don't butt." "No cutting." And most of your fellow second-graders listened.

And then some power brokers showed up with their handlers and began shoving into line. Several of us yelled "No cutting." One of them was me. A big dude in a while polo shirt stood up on the flank of the line and repeated, "Thanks for waiting in line.," He had a deep voice and I would have listened. But I wasn't trying to shove in line. I was awaiting like the rest of my fellow proles.

A group of well-dressed Dems of my age group stood with the cops, waiting to butt into line. They wore tenuous looks, as if our shouting was not music to their ears. But they eventually found a way to scoot into the line.

"Thanks for waiting in line" I met him later and he said he worked on veteran's affairs for the New York delegation. I don't doubt it. His first name was Clete. Way to go!

Thanks for waiting in line, indeed.

The DNC better take this situation in hand. Tomorrow evening is the voting. And to have a bunch of delegates miss their votes is not going to go down easy, not even with the line cutting contingent.

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