Friday, August 29, 2008

Alaska's Palin not the Western governor with highest approval rating

Watching the TV talking heads tonight, and the subject was Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, Sen. John McCain's (72nd birthday today!) choice as Veep.

One thing the Repubs kept saying was the Gov. Palin had the highest approval rating of any U.S. governor. No solid numbers were mentioned, but one Repub talking head said that it was more than 80 percent.

So what? One Democratic governor of a Western red state has -- according to a recent poll -- an 81 percent approval rating. He's the only Democrat among the five state elected officials, and he has to deal with a veto-proof legislature, dominated by Republicans. He's a life-long hunter, and his hobby is rebuilding traditional sheep wagons. He opposed the feds' wolf-reintroduction rules, and boosted the budget of the state arts agency to record levels.

Who is this magic man? Gov. Dave Freudenthal of Wyoming.

So Sarah Palin's a Republican governor in a Republican state and has a high approval rating.

So what?


WyoCowgirl said...

One man talks about the Audacity of Hope
Another shows us the Audacity of Insult

The selection of Palin, and the reasons behind it, are nothing short of insulting to all of America.

To criticize Obama's less than accurate "lack of experience," and then turn around & select someone like Palin who has even less experience, is dishonest and an insult.

To criticize Obama with the term "celebrity," and then pick a person who recently appeared on the cover of Vogue magazine, is insulting.

I find it difficult to trust a candidate with these kinds of values. I find the motives to be self-serving.

Clearly she was selected by McCain's staff (McCain only met her one time six months ago) to gain votes, not because she is the best qualified for the job. In fact, in a recent interview, she acknowledged that she didn't even know what the Vice President's job was!

Haven't we experienced enough Karl Rove style politics? Isn't the motive behind these tactics transparent?

Obama '08 for America
A vote for McCain '08 is a vote for McCain only!

Michael Shay said...

Yee-hah! Wyocowgirl is lassoing up the truth. And I agree.

Anonymous said...

Also, she follows the least popular governor in American history, republican Frank Murkowski.

Anonymous said...

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