Friday, July 18, 2008

500 new Wyo. donors for Gary Trauner

Adam Ruff, campaign manager for Trauner for Congress, reported today that Gary raised $322,578.45 during the second quarter of this year. With cash in hand of more than $700,000, that gives the campaign a war chest of a million-plus. More than 500 new Wyoming donors kicked into the pot this quarter, adding up to 1,000 donors inside the state.

Trauner for Congress raised a big chunk of change two weeks ago when Ruff put out a call for donations on June 30, the last day of the quarter.

We told you that we were just over $7,500 short of reaching our goal for the quarter. You stepped up. You stepped up in a BIG way. In the next 12 hours we raised $35,143.63 online! When we asked for help, you showed what support Gary Trauner has in this state and the nation.This quarter – Gary not only out-raised every other opponent – he out-raised every other opponent COMBINED.

I was one of them, making a modest donation (no, it wasn't the 45 cents part of $322, 578.45). But it's important for Wyomingites to make modest donations to Trauner's campaign. The Republican opposition has tried to paint Gary, a Democrat, as an elitist "Coaster" who moved to Jackson Hole -- and you know how liberal that place is! The more support we throw behind Gary, the weaker that weak argument appears. At least one of the four candidates running on the Republican side -- rancher Mark Gordon -- has "donated" more than $400,000 of his own dough to his campaign. Gordon also picked up the endorsement of Malcolm Wallop. This name rings a bell with Wyomingites, as Wallop served as one of the state's U.S. Senators. Newcomers won't know him from Adam, and Democrats don't care.

While we have raised almost 1 million dollars to date – this race will be expensive and competitive. Our opponents have, and will likely continue to, dump in their own money. The other side will fund television, radio, newspaper ads and mail against us. We need to make sure we are able to compete. Please continue to help in any way you are able.

So, keep those sawbucks rolling in. And when Gary comes to town, walk door-to-door with him in your neighborhood. You may have trouble keeping up, but you'll learn a lot about him -- and your neighbors.

UPDATE (7/19): Republican Mark Gordon, the rancher from Johnson County running for the U.S. House, has donated $648,000 to his campaign, not the $400,000 I mentioned above. That's a lot of dough. Ranching been bery bery good to Mr. Gordon.

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