Thursday, July 31, 2008

Post a haiku for the next president

Ruby's Crush on Obama blog has challenged prog-bloggers to write ten positive posts on Barack Obama in the next ten weeks. I've already posted a good number of pro-Obama essays, especially during the Wyoming winter caucuses. I've also taken a few jabs at McCain, which he deserved.

But Aug. 1 begins a new month, a new attitude and a new concept -- Obama haiku:

Barack Obama
wise face on new dollar bills
looks presidential

Obviously a reference to Sen. Obama's comments about those faces on dollar bills not looking like him. A comment that drove McCain crazy.

O.K., here's another:

The rough road of hope
cuts through the Wyoming wilds;
purple becomes us

Hey, Wyoming is solidly red, but tending toward purple. McCain has a 13-point lead over Obama, which is not so much.

One more time:

Boomers blast Barack
"no experience" they say
and half McCain's age

Haiku of hope.

Write one and send it in.

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