Thursday, July 24, 2008

Join Trauner Cheyenne Army on July 26

This message comes from Aaron Owens of the Gary Trauner campaign:

Dear Fellow Trauner Supporters,

This is the most important announcement I have shared with you so far in the campaign. I would appreciate a reply from each and every person who reads this, please. We have set up a local team to handle your replies. You can reach the team at

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) has issued a challenge to its top-tier Congressional races for this Saturday, July 26. The challenge is to GET THE MOST VOLUNTEERS active on that day: calling, knocking on doors, walking in parades, etc.

When we win this Saturday's competition, the DCCC will ask everybody on its 3-million donor list to contribute to our campaign for change. People all over the country are starting to notice the Wyoming Democrat who bucks the system, doesn't follow party lines, and is a fighter for his state instead of his party... Gary Trauner! Let's give them an opportunity to support his campaign to put America back on the right track.

Of course, Gary is winning this campaign with hard work and 1-on-1 contact with all voters in all 23 counties. The money we raise helps Gary focus on the 1-on-1 grassroots campaigning that has won him the reputation as a fighter for real Wyoming people.We need your help this Saturday more than ever! If you are receiving this email, Gary and I are expecting you to chip in... just 30 minutes. If you can't chip in 30 minutes, there is an alternative way to help below. We need each of you to help out in some way, though. Thank you, in advance!


1) Decide which event you want to help with on Saturday:
* Calling Voters -- We will give you a list of about 30 voters to call from home on Saturday.
* Door-to-Door -- We will meet at the Trauner Office and give you a list of 30 homes to visit in your neighborhood.
* Frontier Days Events -- You will join us at Frontier Day events around town (parade, cook-off, etc.) to welcome visitors and meet voters.
* Volunteer Coordinator -- You will join our County Leadership Team all day and be responsible for an entire event's activities.

2) You send a confirmation email to letting us know which task you prefer (calling, door-to-door, or events, coordinator).

3) We will prepare your volunteer packets and contact you to find the best way to deliver them on Friday or Saturday.

4) Your Volunteer Coordinator will pick up your packet Saturday or Sunday.


We need cell phones with unlimited night/weekend minutes for volunteers in the office and around town to use for Saturday. Contact me for more details if you can go a day without your cell phone and want to count yourself in our Cheyenne Trauner Army on Saturday!I look forward to hearing which event you would like to help with. Please be in touch as soon as possible so we can prove to the entire country how powerful your grassroots Trauner Team is in Wyoming!

All Great Things,
Aaron Ross Owens
Senior Field Organizer
WY Coordinated Campaign


jhwygirl said...

Gary Trauner is such a worthy candidate, I wish I could be in Cheyenne on Saturday, 'cause, believe me, I'd be there.

I hope you have an awesome turnout Aaron - and I (and many other progressives up here in Montana, I'm sure) wish you the very very best.

Go Gary!

kainah said...

I'll be doing my part over here in Laramie!

Michael Shay said...

More than 400 volunteers signed up in Cheyenne!

Michael Shay said...

CORRECTION: I was a bit optimistic. The Trauner campaign said that it had 400 volunteers throughout the state and about 90 in southeast Wyoming, which includes Cheyenne, Laramie and Torrington.