Sunday, June 08, 2008

Wyo. for Obama thanks Fla. for Hillary

The Florida for Hillary campaign is sending me press releases. Actually, they only sent one so far, and that was today. Here are the contents:



FLORIDA STATEWIDE - Florida for Hillary, the statewide campaign that was largely responsible for her big win in the Florida Primary announces its endorsement of Senator Barack Obama for President.

"Throughout this historic campaign and her incredible life, Senator Clinton has fought for issues that the people of Florida care deeply about, including the expansion of children's health care, the creation a national catastrophic insurance fund and the protection of Israel," said Ana Cruz, Co-Founder and spokesperson for the group. "Senator Barack Obama will fight for these same important causes as President, and we look forward to working with him to make sure that Florida voters are heard."

Florida for Hillary is an organization of Democratic elected officials, party leaders and activists from across the state who mobilized grassroots support to ensure a victory for Senator Clinton in the Florida Democratic Primary on January 29, 2008.

The group now turns its energy and attention to electing Senator Barack Obama the next President. Florida for Hillary will work hard to ensure that every single Floridian who cast their primary vote for Senator Clinton now votes for Senator Obama in November.

"The differences between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are small, but the differences between Democrats and Senator John McCain are enormous," said Co-Founder of Florida for Hillary Alan Clendenin. "John McCain wants to continue the failed policies of the Bush administration. Barack Obama will deliver the change this country desperately needs."

I like this final paragraph the best. Yes, the differences between Democrats and Sen. John McCain are enormous. That's because electing McCain as president would be exactly like electing Bush to a third term. Perhaps you're getting tired of hearing Democrats saying that. If so, you can also listen to McCain say it during his speeches, such as the one he delivered from a shack in Louisiana last Tuesday night. He used it to coax laughter from his audience, which consisted of a half-dozen very bored McCainiacs.

I'm happy to see that Florida for Hillary is communicating with Wyoming for Obama's Cheyenne chapter. We do need unity among Democrats to send Bush and McCain packing in November. There's much to do (stop Iraq War), many things to fix (Constitution, highways, Supreme Court), so we can't waste time quarreling.

This one-time resident of Daytona Beach and Gainesville welcomes further communication from Florida Dems. Don't be scared -- Dick Cheney doesn't live here any more (he visits his mountain redoubt near Jackson occasionally) and we are sorry that we unleashed his evilness into the world. But you Floridians still have to answer for Katherine Harris and Jeb Bush. I'd say we're about even.


kainah said...

So, Mike, how's the wife taking Hillary's withdrawal??

mpage225 said...


How was R.E.M.?


Michael Shay said...

Kainah: Last week was rough on Chris. She's gradually working through the various stages of grief. I trust she'll eventually get to the "Pissed-Off Democrat" stage that will allow her to work for and vote for Obama to make sure McSame doesn't get anywhere near the White House.