Monday, June 02, 2008

Look to SD and MT blogs for June 3 results

We prepare for the last two contests of the primary/caucus season in neighboring South Dakota and Montana. While the usual MSM outlets will be gearing up to cover the results Tuesday evening, many of us will be looking to blogs for results mixed with first-person dispatches from the trenches (and some wise-ass commentary).

I was dismayed to learn that Ed Kemmick is giving up the City Lights blog he writes for the Billings Gazette. And Matt Singer at Left in the West out of Missoula has fried his hard drive during the feverish run-up to June 3. He's still blogging, courtesy of the local library and his wife's computer, but that can be frustrating for a blogger just itching to get his/her hands on his/her own keyboard.

LITW remains the go-to blog for politics. 4&20 Blackbirds, too. As the polls close tomorrow evening, check out those two purveyors of prog news in Montana.

I have to admit that I haven't paid sufficient attention to South Dakota blogs. I'm a new fan of Madville Times. Great place to read about stops in Madison and other S.D. locales by Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and their surrogates. Photos, too.

Another S.D. source is Badlands Blue, the blog of the S.D. Democratic Party. Great political coverage and links.

Daily Kos, of course, covers national politics like a big blue blanket. The search engines tease out DK posts by state and many end up on Lefty Blogs. Go to the site and click on your favorite state on the left sidebar.


touchstone said...

Have no fear, Mr. Shay! It was my computer that fried, not Matt's. He'll be posting as usual, and I'll be live blogging tonight from a borrowed laptop. So all will be as normal at LiTW.

Whatever that means...

Michael Shay said...

Abby normal, perhaps?