Monday, June 16, 2008

Keith Goodenough opens Casper HQ

Keith Goodenough's "Weekly Underdog Report" of June 15 contained this news:

The Casper campaign office is finally ready to occupy, and we have our first gathering there tomorrow night. It’s a small place, but has the advantage of being next to the Federal Courthouse. So when I have a gripe with the Federal court system, they’ll be able to get the message by just looking out the window and reading my slogans. If I need bail money, I’ll send a note.

When he says tomorrow night, he must mean tonight, Monday. No time was given but you can e-mail Mr. Goodenough, a Democrat, at I'd tell you to go to his web site but it's in the process of being updated.

Goodenough is running against Gillette's Nick Carter for the U.S. Senate seat now held by Casper Republican John Barrasso. They will face off in the Aug. 19 primary.


bearkid said...

Keith's website is up at Or comment on his blog at

At the website, you can learn about Keith's political history, his legislative history, and his positions on important issues. You can also listen to a podcast of a recent interview.

victor said...

its rally nice blog

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