Saturday, June 14, 2008

Did Rep. Millin switch political parties?


This morning's Wyoming Tribune-Eagle ran an article by reporter Michael Van Cassell that identified Rep. Lori Millin of District 8 as a Republican. I wondered how such a thing could happen. Did the Wyoming political universe shift course overnight? After all, Rep. Millin snatched victory from the jaws of defeat in the 2006 election against an entrenched Republican incumbent. She's married to Dr. John Millin, head of the Wyoming Democrats' central committee. I have her son Patrick on film carrying a Gary Trauner banner at the Democratic State Convention in May.

Then I realized that the paper had made a mistake. A revelation. So I dashed off a letter and sent it to Mr. Cassell -- and copied to my fellow Dems. You can e-mail your own letter to Here's mine:

Dear Mr. Cassell:

FYI: Rep. Lori Millin is a Democrat and not a Republican, as you so mistakenly note in your June 14 article. She's been a great state representative for us in District 8. She knocked on every door in the district in 2006 and won the general election against long-time incumbent Larry Meuli (Republican) by a mere nine votes. A quick look at her legislative priorities focusing on families, children, at-risk youth, affordable health care, workforce safety, minimum wage, etc., reveals that she could only be a Democrat. She puts people first!

I hope you give this correction a suitably visible spot in the newspaper.

Sincerely, Michael Shay

UPDATE: Michael Van Cassell e-mailed me that a correction ran in the June 16 WTE.

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