Monday, June 30, 2008

Are the Republican dinosaurs awakening?

Aaron Owens, head honcho of the Gary Trauner campaign, send us all a letter today contending that the Republican dinosaurs that rule Wyoming are waking up to the threat Trauner poses to the established order. Here's the letter:

Dear Fellow Trauner Supporter:

We need your help! And no... I'm not asking for money. I'm asking for time.

We all know that career politicians think they are entitled to any office they choose, and Republican Party leaders are having a rough time this year accepting that Wyoming favors Gary Trauner for our lone U.S. House seat. They are looking for anything to discredit and defeat Gary.

Gary has been campaigning non-stop for several months now, winning votes (from Republicans, Independents, and Democrats, alike) at every VFW hall, American Legion, senior center, and school campus he visits.
It is clear from the reactions of voters of all political stripes that Wyoming is ready for change, ready for a fighter who puts our country back on the right track.

It is clear that two more years of career politician leadership just like Barbara Cubin will leave us in a heap of trouble.

Now the Republican Party leadership is waking up and seeing a mass exodus of their former supporters - Republicans, Independents, and even some conservative Democrats who are fed up with the Republicans same old career politician tricks. So how are they fighting back? By mobilizing their base, making phone calls, knocking on doors, and attending events on behalf of Republican candidates. More and more signs are appearing, more and more floats are appearing, and more and more phone calls are being made. Republicans are running scared, and they are running hard. They will not let Gary into our U.S. House seat without a fight.

Now for the GOOD NEWS...

Team Trauner has MORE supporters calling, MORE supporters knocking on doors, MORE donors, MORE floats and event booths, and MORE passion! Here in Cheyenne, we are launching Phase 3 of our campaign today.

YOU are the core of Phase 3, because 90% of our energy and efforts will have to come from volunteers like yourself.

Bryan and I will be calling you to listen to you about where your interests are, and how you will help send Gary to Congress.

We have a field campaign schedule that we will use for the next few weeks. Please consider where you might fit in. Can you join one shift a week? Maybe even two or three?

We are looking forward to hearing about your interests and passions in this campaign. Talk to ya' soon!

All Great Things,
Aaron Owens
Senior Field
Trauner For Congress

I just donated $25 for Trauner so he can claim my grassroots support for the year's second quarter. You can do the same. Think about it -- you have until midnight.

Trauner volunteers were out in force Saturday in Cheyenne for SuperDay. Aaron and his young cohorts, and a cadre of Boomers. We signed up volunteers for the campaign, and gave out Trauner stickers to entire families. Most people willingly accepted a sticker from a Democrat, although a few drew back in horror. I wandered over to the Rick Kaysen for Mayor table. Rick's a Republican with a solid business background. His wife Diane is a moderate Republican (we used to work together at the Wyoming Arts Council) and their daughter is an unabashed Obama supporter. Rick has some good ideas for growth and wants to see a thriving downtown. I agreed to haul around a Rick Kaysen for Mayor water bottle, mainly because I was thirsty. But I also enjoyed talking to him.

Two other mayoral candidates were on hand -- Joe Dougherty and Jayne Mockler. Joe's my neighbor. He used to work for Mayor Pando and now runs the city's bus system. His signs are an appealing green and they bear a shamrock. They are propagating like weeds around the neighborhood and I'm betting that Joe will be dropping by before long to see if I want one for my lawn.

Jayne Mockler's a Democrat and just spent her last term in the Wyoming State Legislature. She gave away packages of peanut M&Ms with her fliers, which immediately got my attention. She's a serious candidate, with some good ideas for proving up Cheyenne. But I'm taking a serious look at all six mayoral candidates. I'm not opposed to voting for Republican for local offices. Mayor Spiker's an evangelical and a Republican and he's done a pretty good job of running the city.

I have until the Aug. 19 primaries to decide.


kainah said...

Funny.... As I was reading this, the Trauner campaign called to ask me about doing some work for them on Thursday. Unfortunately, my schedule won't allow it this week but I'm sure I'll have lots of other opportunities.

Michael Shay said...

It's a long summer when it comes to volunteering and walking neighborhoods.