Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hummingbirdminds chosen as WYO blog

This is wild! The Democratic National Committee has announced that my blog, hummingbirdminds, will be the credentialed blog from Wyoming at the Denver convention in August. I’ll be seated on the convention floor with the state’s delegation, posting the action as it happens. A front row seat, as DNCC Chair Howard Dean says in this announcement: (Quicktime file)

Now I'll have to dust off my coal-powered laptop and get it ready to rumble at DemCon08.

Later, I'll post a full list of the prog-bloggers going to Denver.


jhwygirl said...

Congrats Michael! How very exciting!

mpage225 said...

Outstanding, Mike. I look forward to some very interesting and insightful entries. You might want to invest in a new laptop.

Any chance of a book coming out of this?


kainah said...

Congratulations, Mike!!! That's great news and you certainly deserve it.

One Fly said...

Don't forget to wear your hipboots. I'll be reading you and the other bloggers chosen first.