Saturday, April 19, 2008 back in business, or the Iraq Coalition Casualty Count site, is beginning to look like its former self. Michael White's site has been an invaluable source of data on U.S. and coalition deaths in Iraq as well as stats on the wounded. It posts daily news stories about the war, often from non-U.S. sources such as Reuters and The Guardian and some Middle East newspapers and wire services. It also features hometown stories about young soldiers and marines killed or grievously wounded in the war. There's also a link to similar info on Afghanistan, a.k.a. "The Forgotten War."

A few weeks back, the web site's server was attacked and each time users clicked it on, it led to other sites. Annoying to some, it was tragic for those of us who want to keep track of the cost of the travesty in Iraq. We can't trust the MSM to do so, since they've apparently forgotten that the war exists. They're too busy tracking gossipy tidbits about Obama and Clinton (but not McCain).

In a recent poll, most Americans couldn't come close in guessing the number of U.S. dead in Iraq. Is it too much to pay attention to the slaughter that Bush & Cheney have wrought? Even if you don't have a son or a neighbor kid in the fight, pretend that you do. My 23-year-old son Kevin could be in the military right now. Instead, he's working and going to a community college in Tucson. Some of his high school buds have been to Iraq and are going back.

I can imagine him in Iraq. I can imagine how I would feel while he was there and I could even dwell for a millisecond on how it would be if anything happened to him. Take a second to think about it.

Then go to and learn something.

From "The time not to become a father is eighteen years before a war." -- E. B. White


jhwygirl said...


More reasons you can't trust the mainstream media, my friend.

Unbelievable stuff.

On second thought, you can't even use the word "unbelievable" for 1/2 of the stuff that can be connected to the Shrub administration.

Michael Shay said...

jhwygirl: "Unbelievable" doesn't do justice to the havoc Bush & Co. have caused. It's almost enough to make a blogger speechless. Almost.

mpage225 said...

And here is another reason not to trust the mainstream media-

Behind TV Analysts, Pentagon’s Hidden Hand

NY times story, link is here

Mike, this link might get truncated, you might have to fix it.


Field of Heroes said...

SINCE YOUR LAST RENOVATION, you have been off. On 3/26/08 you list under US casualties a British Soldier "Name unknown". That throws our total off today. You say the total is 4094 but by taking off the unknown British soldier it is 4093.

I wish that when you get to nationalities you would stick with them so then everything will remain constant.