Thursday, April 03, 2008

The Fix is on to hummingbirdminds

On March 21, Chris Cizzilla of the Washington Post's political blog The Fix, asked readers to nominate their favorite political blogs from each state. The first round of suggestions included such top-notch blogs from the West as Square State from Colorado, 4&20 blackbirds from Montana, and Heath Haussamen from New Mexico. Nothing from Wyoming. Not even a tumbling tumbleweed.

Ten days later, Cizzilla was getting desperate. No nominees yet from Utah, Alaska, Hawaii, Kansas and Wyoming. But on April 1 -- Eureka! -- hummingbirdminds was added to
The Fix list.

We're humble. I should say that I'm humble, since this is a one-man show. I'm a writer and a political junkie. I logged on to Blogger in 2001 but didn't make my first post until 2005. I've been at it ever since. I like blogging because it allows me to be writer, editor and publisher of my own work. I've never made a nickel from my blog, but I've ranted a lot -- and made my passions and biases known to the electronic universe. I've never been shy about that. But it does take a bit of recklessness to be a prog-blogger from one of the most conservative states. Maybe I should say one of the most libertarian states in the U.S. Conservatism in the Bush era has been equated more with fundamentalist right-wing dogma that it has with pragmatism. Wyoming has its reactionaries, to be sure, but the majority of people I know in this state are of the live-and-let-live variety. And that's the way I like it.

Here's a toast to those blogs that have shown me the way. Montana's Left in the West and 4&20 Blackbirds. Daily Kos and Crooks & Liars on the national scene. A tip of the hat to Wyoming's new political-oriented blog,
wyofile, where my old pals Sam Western of Sheridan and Geoff O'Gara of Lander are plying their opinions.

By the way -- I've applied to be the state blogger for Wyoming at the Democratic National Convention in Denver in August. If selected, I'll be embedded with the Wyoming delegation. I'm sure that the WYO delegates from my county will give me grief in my possible new role as esteemed embed. But lest they forget -- I'll be watching their behavior on the streets of Denver. You know how wild those conventioneers can be.


kainah said...

Congratulations, Mike! I hope you get the blogger credentials for the convention.

Last year, I was asked about a WY blog and had to say I didn't know any. Wish I had known about you back then but at least I found you finally.

Keep up the good work!

mpage225 said...

Mike, congratulations and may you keep blogging for many more years.

Michael Shay said...

When I first registered with Blogger in 2001, it seemed like a cool idea but I really didn't know what to do with it. As other lefty blogs emerged, and Dubya remained in office after the 2004 elections, it became clear to me. Now it's impossible to stop. Thanks for reading and (especially) commenting.

Kevin Bondelli said...

It's great to see such a strong progressive blog from Wyoming. My name is Kevin Bondelli and I am the Southwest Region Director of the Young Democrats of America. We are looking to get a Wyoming Young Democrats chapter officially chartered with YDA. I would greatly appreciate any help in spreading the word to young progressives in Wyoming. My email address is if you have any ideas or for anyone interested in forming a Wyoming chapter. Thank you and keep up the great writing.

Kevin Bondelli
Southwest Region Director
Young Democrats of America