Tuesday, April 01, 2008

A Clinton-Barrasso ticket? Say it ain't so!

I almost fell for it. The photo on the page three spread in today's Wyoming Tribune-Eagle showed Wyoming Republican Sen. John Barrasso on stage with Sen. Hillary Clinton. The duo had decided to be running mates for the 2008 presidential election. I gasped when I saw it. WTF? I hadn't yet had my coffee and my brain cells hadn't acknowledged that it was April Fools Day and the WTE editors were pulling my leg.

My wife did fall for it. Again, caffeine deficit was to blame. "Did you see this picture!" she yelled from the kitchen. I was at work at PC and yelled back: "Amazing, eh?" Five minutes later the date hit home and she groaned aloud. APRIL FOOL!

Tomorrow, when the foolishness is over, we can wonder what kind of impact a Clinton-Barrasso ticket would have. Two pragmatic senators from different parts of the country working to make the U.S. a better place? What about Obama-Enzi? Ditto on the "pragmatic senators" thing.

But it can't happen. Not this time. The Democrats are in the driver's seat and need to sweep the Republicans out of their seats of power in D.C. A thorough house cleaning is in order. Fumigation necessary, especially in the White House.

When the Dems hold the White House and Congress in ought-nine, that will be the time to talk pragmatism.

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