Monday, March 03, 2008

Phoning Cheyenne for Barack and Hillary

My wife Chris and I shared the home phone all weekend. She was making calls for the Hillary Clinton campaign, and I was calling for Barack Obama. We didn't keep score, although Chris was wondering by the end of the day if she'd made enough calls. By 9 p.m. Sunday, when I settled in to watch Law & Order on the tube, I knew I'd made enough calls in my precinct. Too many were saying they were voting for Clinton. I thought this was Obama Country. The goal at Cheyenne Obama HQ is to get as many supporters as possible out to the March 8 Laramie County caucus (get there at 8 a.m.). The confirmed Obama supporters I talked to where either busy on Saturday or didn't want to "rub shoulders with a lot of people," as one guy said. Shoulder-rubbing is not a popular pastime in Wyoming, land of wide-open-spaces and taciturnity. But come on, people, a crowd of Democrats never really hurt anyone, right? Get out there and caucus!

The Clinton supporters I talked to were wild about the prospects of coming to the caucus and throwing their vote Hillary's way. Are Clintonites more akin to shoulder-rubbing than Obamaians? Tought to say at this point. I'll blog the caucus Saturday and let you know.

One ominous development: my "Obama for President" yard sign blew away during Sunday's blustery snowstorm. We were issued plastic sleeves that you pull over a U-shaped metal stand and stick into the yard. When I first saw it, I said, "This will never stand up to our winds." I made a vow to duct tape it to the metal stand, and then promptly forgot when I headed out to canvass. I awoke Sunday morning to the naked metal stand, one end pulled out the ground, flapping in the breeze. Obama was gone.

Next time: duct tape. Or a different sign.

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