Friday, February 29, 2008

Gary Trauner in Cheyenne for Dem events

Gary Trauner dropped into the Democratic Party's legislative reception this evening in Cheyenne.

He's cranking up his campaign for the U.S. House seat being vacated by Barbara Cubin. There's at least one other candidate on the Dem side, and a passel on the Republican side, including Dan Zwonitzer and Cynthia Lummis, both of Cheyenne.

Gary was there with his field director, Eric (didn't catch his last name), a veteran of the 2007-2008 primary battles in Iowa. He's reworking Gary's web site, which is woefully out of date. It should be up and running any day now, said Eric, who's operating out of an office in Casper.

Gary plans another door-to-door campaign like the one he waged in 2006. I know he knocked on thousands of doors two years ago, a tactic that brought him within a whisper of beating Cubin. At least some of the Republicans and Independents who admitted voting for Gary in 2006 said theirs was an anti-Cubin vote. He obviously can't count on that with the Repubs fielding an array of fresh faces, one of which will make it through the gauntlet to the general election campaign.

Trauner is rested and ready, organized and well-funded. He's a veteran of one Wyoming campaign, which should serve him well over this long election season. He's in town this weekend for a variety of events, including Saturday night's Nellie Tayloe Ross Dinner and its salute to the state's women politicians. Keep checking his web site for updates at

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