Wednesday, February 06, 2008

March 8 Dem caucus could carry clout

It could be standing room only at the March 8 caucus for the Laramie County Democrats.

With less than 100 delegates separating Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama after "Super Tuesday," each delegate will count as we churn forward to the Dems' national convention in Denver in August. So Wyoming Democrats will have a say, our voices amplified by the tightest presidential race in recent memory.

Even Kos at Big Kahuna Prog Blog Daily Kos sees Wyoming playing a role (although he shouldn't call our state "tiny" until he actually drives through it):
Hillary's task is to defeat Obama decisively on Tuesday. If she can't manage that, then her plan B is to survive February to fight in March. On Tuesday the 4th, Ohio, Rhode Island, Texas and Vermont go to the polls. Vermont appears the most competitive right now, though that will change with a couple of weeks to campaign in these states. Winning Ohio, in particular will be important for propaganda purposes.... Tiny Wyoming will go on Saturday March 8, with its 18 delegates perhaps actually mattering. Mississippi, with its 40 delegates, should be Obama territory on the 11th. Then...
So what does that mean for March 8? Big doins in Cheyenne. A record turnout at the caucus. Drama in the air. If you're a registered Democrat in Laramie County as of Feb. 22, you can come out and have your voice heard. Delegates will be selected to the state convention set for Memorial Day weekend in Jackson.

The county convention convenes on Saturday, March 8, at the University of Wyoming Family Practice Center, 821 E. 18th St., Cheyenne. Registration begins at 8 a.m. and activities commence in the auditorium at 9.

And remember: be kind to the volunteers. I'll be there early, working on the nominations committee.

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