Thursday, February 28, 2008

Life is difficult in the 2008 Dem household

We are a house divided.

I'm working for Barack Obama for president. My wife Chris is a Hillary Clinton supporter.

I will have a yard sign for Obama up by tomorrow afternoon. I dare her to yank it out of the ground. I double-dare her to get a bigger yard sign for Hillary and place it in front of Barack's.

She is canvassing our neighborhood for Hillary. I am a precinct captain for Obama.

On our way home from dinner tonight, we talked about retirement. Chris said she'd be ready to retire in peace and contentment once Hillary was president for eight years and all of Bush's mistakes and crimes had been rectified and/or overturned.

I said that Barack Obama will spend the next four years wiping out Bush's dubious legacy, and then have four more years to put our country on a path that will ensure a bright future for our children and grandchildren.

Chris said: "Tell that whippersnapper Barack he can run when Hillary had made things right."

I said: "His time is now."

No fisticuffs erupted. But I can tell that the next couple weeks in Wyoming will be interesting. We may end up as delegates to the state convention, Chris for Hillary, me for Barack. The convention is in Jackson during Memorial Day weekend so we can suspend our political disagreements long enough for a brewski or two at the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar off the town square.

We may even be together at the national convention in Denver, me as a blogger (keeping my fingers crossed) and Chris as a volunteer.

And in November, when we all vote for America's future, we will both cast our ballots for the Democrat, whomever he or she may be. We win, either way.


jhwygirl said...

Oh, I'm just loving this post! You wouldn't believe how much I've heard this from different couples.

mpage225 said...

Well, Mike, either choice is a huge improvement over Bush, and not just because Bush has set the bar so low. My wife and I both voted for Obama but will gladly vote for Hillary if she gets the nod. Hope Chris can say the same if it goes to Obama. Tell her I will send her some KC BBQ if, I mean when, either one wins it all in November.

So, jhwy girl, who are you backing?


Michael Shay said...

Bob, read more of jhwygirl's posts at 4&20 blackbirds out of Missoula (see link on my sidebar). Montana has a ton of progressive blogs. What about MO?

jhwygirl said...

I am still in mourning over Edwards.

I do agree with you, though - either candidate we end up with will be immensely better than our current administration and McCain. I'm behind whoever gets the nod.

My only concern at this point is that the intensity of the campaign could be turning off moderates. We Democrats really gotta unite together, even in working towards picking the nominee, otherwise we begin to look like we don't have our you-know-what together.

mpage225 said...

OK, now I have 4&20 bookmarked and will delve into the world of Montana blogging. Mike, don't follow a lot of blogs, just Altercation and Hummingbirdminds....and now 4&20.

Jhwy, I too liked Edwards; my daughter was a big supporter and had her picture taken with him a couple of years ago. Big fan of his wife also, very smart.

Texas and Ohio very interesting, if Hillary takes it, things could get rough and as you mention, could hurt the Dems in general.

Watch for the Swift boating of McCain.


jhwygirl said...

Re: swiftboating - I've said the same.

Tuesday is going to be interesting. Texas, it appears, is going to be a mess.

Michael Shay said...

Have you too read the posts about big crowds expected at small venues in Texas? I read a post on kos that talked about caucuses being held at branch libraries which, as a rule, are too small for hundreds of people. I also talked to a volunteer for Colorado Women for Obama who told me that the caucus at her multi-precinct site was jammed with people. She warned organizers about this, but it fell on deaf ears. You'd think that Texans would have seen the masses of Dems at polling places around the U.S. and wised up.

jhwygirl said...

I read probably the same Dkos post you reference. CNN has made some mention of it also.

Texas was redistricted, led by Tom Delay....and many say the mess began there.

It is the utmost shame of this nation that we don't have federal standards for federal elections and that we can't get it done right! Two presidential election - now three - in a row! Geez - East Timor does it better!

What do we have to do? Get Jimmy Carter out there to monitor our own elections?

mpage225 said...

Kansas uses the caucus system and had a huge democrat turnout. Many complained that it was too crowded and some were unable to get into the caucus. The bright side is that the turnout was much higher than anyone thought.

And why isn't Delay in jail?

jhwygirl said...

Why isn't Cheney in jail? Or Bush? Or Harriet Meyers? Or Gonzales? Boy, we could fill a jail, no?


Michael Shay said...

I would start with Cheney and work my way down the list. The Cheneys will be back in Jackson in 2009, jhwygirl. What are we supposed to do with them? Is it time for the tars-and-feathers approach to come back into fashion?

jhwygirl said...

I don't know that Dick will actually live back there - he never lived there in the first place...I think he just wanted a place to register to vote.

Remember - the fool had never voted until the 2000 election. And he's never really been welcome there.

JH isn't exactly the bastion of conservatism. :-)

Ugh. They hypocrisy, the lies. January 2009 can't come soon enough!

Michael Shay said...

Hang 'em high, as we used to say in Wyoming