Monday, February 04, 2008

In search of common-sense health plans

Nothing focuses a parent's attention like a kid in distress.

Our teen daughter was in the hospital recently. She's be all right, but I'm still fuming about my dealings with my insurance company. I've had the same health insurance for more than 16 years. The State of Wyoming and I have paid thousands and thousands of premiums over the years. So why is it when we really need it that the insurance company's first response seems to be: How can we get out of paying this? They don't actually say this, but it becomes obvious when you spend hour after hour talking to disembodied voices in Boise and Denver and Phoenix about covering the medical needs of a teen girl.

The system is archaic and stupid. The presidential condidates on both sides have health insurance plans. Not sure about Ron Paul with his libertarian roots. But all the rest do. It's Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama I'm concerned with. I'm going to actually read their health care proposals. Up until now, I've been content to let others describe them to me. But this is a huge issue, one that will become an even bigger monster as time passes and we Baby Boomers start falling apart. Read the candidates' health care plans? What a concept. For contrast, I'm going to check out the plans of Republican candidates. I may even compare and contrast the plans on these pages, provided my brain doesn't explode during the search for common-sense health care solutions.

Wish me luck.

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